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Bandwidth is the amount of information that can be carried by a communications channel. It is the difference between the highest and lowest frequencies used, an...

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Avaya IP Telephones

Product Code: 10024
The Nortel IP 1120E Telephone is a multi-line professional-level desktop IP phone encompassing a sleek, cutting-edge ergonomic design. The Nortel IP 1140E Telephone delivers an innovative array of features including a high-resolution, fully-backlit, pixel-based graphical monochrome greyscale display, support for data and web-based applications as presented from external application servers, a four-way navigation cluster with new Enter/Send Key and USB peripheral support for superior navigation experience, an integrated Bluetooth® Audio gateway for greater freedom and mobility at the desktop, an integrated phone switch with Gigabit Ethernet LAN and PC ports, a local Tools Menu for simplified administration along with the suite of features delivered from Nortel Communication Servers.
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