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A call can be parked by one user and then retrieved by another. Particularly useful when loudspeaker announcements are made, e.g. "Telephone call. Joe Smith dia...

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Nortel Norstar M7324N

Product Code: 10017
The Nortel Norstar M7324N Telephone, with or without the Nortel Norstar M7324N CAPN modules, is designed for secretaries and receptionists for centralised call answering. It is also useful for managers, professionals and system administrators requiring high feature usage and access to various lines.

For smaller applications, the Nortel Norstar M7324N by itself, is a central answering position. Larger applications require the addition of Nortel Norstar M7324N CAPN module(s). Users with wide-ranging needs, such as consultants, might use it for Speed Dialing, Conference Calling and Call Forwarding. The Nortel Norstar M7324N Telephone is also useful for Norstar system administration.

Nortel Norstar M7324N Telephone Features

  • 24 programmable keys with Indicators.
  • Central Answering Position (CAP) Facility.
  • Time and Date Display.
  • Display tilts for easy viewing
  • Handsfree One touch Dialing.
  • Headset Facility
  • Full Norstar features
  • Volume Control.
  • Contrast Level Control.
  • Wall Mountable.
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